In the forestry industry, tires play a substantial role in a logging company’s efficiency and production. As loggers work in a challenging environment every day, they need tires that are durable and perform at the highest standard. Titan recognizes the harsh conditions of the forest and that’s why logging companies have come to rely on Titan’s Goodyear Logger Lug III.

With the new Logger Lug III you get the best of the best: a high-quality, high-performing forestry tire of ultra durability— backed by the experience, expertise and joined strength of three legendary names in tire manufacturing: Goodyear Farm Tires, General and Continental, all companies Titan acquired. The Logger Lug III's steel belt construction and specialized rubber compound make it tough. The lug angles permit easy cleaning and give the ideal balance between traction and cut resistance. Find out more about our forestry tires in the Logger Lug III brochure.