Titan has a strong presence in the construction industry. Well-suited for many applications, including excavating, trenching and road grading, Titan industrial wheels and tires are designed for loader/backhoes, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, skid steers and forklifts. Heavy duty ply ratings and extra wide lugs make Titan tires extremely durable. Designed for versatility and engineered for performance, Titan tires are resistant to punctures, tears and cracks while providing excellent traction and stability in mud, clay, gravel and challenging terrain.

It is important to use the right tire for the job, and Titan manufactures tire lines suited specifically to industrial and construction applications. Designs include Goodyear IT510, IT520, IT525, IT530, Laborer and Sure Grip Lug, and Titan Contractor, Contractor FWD and Industrial Tractor Lug. For more information, see Titan's construction brochures.